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For Job Boards

Jobvite customers: please send this page link to any job boards you partner with (do not send to Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn. or ZipRecruiter Jobvite already partners directly with them).

Instructions for Job Boards

If you are a job board and you are scraping a customer's jobs, you can add source-parameters on your own. Please follow the steps below:

  • Review the customer's URL (whether it is a Jobvite URL or the customer's own URL). Is there a ? anywhere in the URL?

    • If so, please add the following text to the end of the URL, starting with &.

      &__jvst=Job Board&__jvsd=add-your-job-board-name-here

    • If not, then start with a ? instead.

      ?__jvst=Job Board&__jvsd=add-your-job-board-name-here

For customers providing a Jobvite XML feed

Some customers may have a link to a Jobvite XML feed, which they can provide to job boards. If you receive a Jobvite XML feed from a customer, the job URL's will point to (instead of

This is the domain from our old framework. To declare sources on the old URL, use &s= like this:

For Jobvite Customers

All information below is for Jobvite customers who want to learn about creating custom-sources.

  • You must have "Admin" access to view your job sources.
  • To view your list of sources, log into your account and go to:

    "More" > Admin > Configurations > Sources


There are two parts to source-tracking:

  • __jvst  →  Jobvite Source Type
  • __jvsd  →  Jobvite Source Detail

Source Types


Every customer is given a list of pre-defined source-types. In the list above, all sources from Employee to Campaign are pre-defined


You can also create your own source-types. In the picture above, the custom-sources are:

  • College Fair
  • Career Fair

Source Details


For pre-defined source-types, the source-details are also pre-defined. For example: one of the pre-defined source-types is Employee. The source-detail is anyone with a Jobvite seat, who has "Employee" access.

The same applies to the source-type Hiring Manager. The source-detail is anyone with a Jobvite seat who has "Hiring Manager" access.


When creating custom source-types, you must create your own source-details.

For example: the source-type College Fair has 3 source-details:

Adding Source Parameters

1) Before we begin...

Before you add any parameters, first you must add either "?" or "&" to the end of your URL.

  • Is there a "?" anywhere in the URL already?

    If so, start by adding & to the end of the URL:

  • If not, then add ? to the end of the URL:

2) Source Parameters

Next, add the following to the end of your URL:

__jvst=source-type&__jvsd=source detail

For example: let's say you and other fellow Jobvite users have "Employee" access, and each of you are posting jobs to LinkedIn. You might want to know whether people are clicking on your link when they apply. In this case, you might want to use the source-type Employee.

Employee is pre-defined, so you can use Employee as the source-type, and the source-detail will be your name (for this example, we'll use the name Jane Jobvite

The job-link should look like this: Jobvite

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