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iFrame Instructions

Step 1.

Download our iFrame instructions here.

Step 2.

Insert your career site name where it says: your-careersite-name. You can find your career site name in your career site URL (Ex:

<div class="jv-careersite" data-careersite="your-careersite-name" data-force-redirect></div>
<script src="//"></script>

Step 3.

Place the iFrame script onto your careers page where you would like the Jobvite content to display.

Important Note:

If after implementing the Jobvite iFrame integration code, your career site displays “Page not found” or “Error 404”, it means that your Content Management System (CMS) uses a “p” URL parameter to open a page, and it is conflicting with our appended parameter. To solve this issue, please follow below additional steps to set your career site with a different URL parameter.

Step 1

File a career site support case to "Enable custom parameter for iframe". Once this setting is on, our "p" URL parameter will be replaced with a unique one ("jobviteiframe").

Step 2

Add jobvite-iframeParameter="true" on your Jobvite iFrame integration code as shown below:

<div class="jv-careersite" data-careersite="your-careersite-name" jobvite-iframeParameter="true" data-force-redirect></div>
<script src="//"></script>

Jobvite Mobile Career Sites - Integration Information

Jobvite Mobile Career Sites do not support iframes.

Our iFrame script above has a built in mobile redirection. This means, your mobile job seekers will automatically get redirected to your mobile career site.

If you wish to disable our mobile redirect, you can remove ‘data-force-redirect’ from the iFrame script above. By default, our iframe script will auto generate a “view open positions” link inside of your iFrame. The user will need to click on the link to view your mobile career site.

If you’d like to customize the link and wording, you can add your link and text in-between the iFrame. Please see below for example.

<div class="jv-careersite" data-careersite="your-careersite-name"><a href="">[insert text to appear without mobile redirection]</a></div>
<script src="//"></script>
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