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Career Site Features

Standard Career Site

New Jobvite Hire customers receive a standard hosted career site. The link to your career site is available after you log into Jobvite and head to the Admin tab to view your Profile.


  • Single column layout
  • Grouped by Category
  • Send Jobvite Widget
  • Job Board Listing, Job Description, Application Form, Job Notification
  • Automatic Source tracking, including Indeed, Facebook, and Twitter

Changes We Accomodate

(Contact our support team to request any of these changes)

1) We can reference a link to a CSS file. The file will override the default styling of your careers page.


2) There's an introductory text above the listing that we can edit. You can provide custom language to replace the text.

3) Your career site form contains the following mandatory default fields.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Resume*

(*Resume can be made optional in Admin >> Profile)

We can add custom fields to the form allowing you to collect more information about candidates. Here are the fields that are commonly added. You have the option of making custom fields mandatory.

  • How did you hear about us? (Twitter, Facebook, Indeed, Simply Hired, LinkedIn, Career Site, Other)
  • Specify (Other)
  • Referral (Employee Name)
  • Desired Salary

4) The Apply with LinkedIn button can be enabled on your career site form allowing candidates to attach their LinkedIn profile with their application. Candidates who attach their LinkedIn profile are not required to upload their resume.

5) Remove logo and adjust width to 100%. This will allow your careers page to resize itself inside an iFrame and live seamlessly.

6) After you have successfully integrated your iFrame you want to immediately request a redirect. This will forward all candidates from job boards and job links to your careers page. You'll have to provide a link to where the iFrame is integrated.

7) To link candidates directly to job pages on your iFrame integrated career site unique URLs can be enabled. This will allow every jobs page to have its own URL.

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