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Career Site Custom Styling

For Standard Career Sites

If you have a standard career site and access to developer support, we offer the option to link to a CSS file that you host and maintain to add some extra styles to your career site

When To Use a Custom CSS File

  • You have a standard career site.
  • You have developer support.
  • You would like to change the font size or background color.
  • You would like to change the colors or sizes of various elements

Using a custom CSS file is for superficial style changes only, like changing the sizes of fonts or the colors of text and titles. You will need developer support to add these styles. If you would like us to style your career site or to make layout changes (like adding customized boxes or columns), you will have to upgrade to our Recruitment Marketing packages.

Steps To Integrate Custom CSS File Into Career Site*

(*Please note, these steps will require the support of your website developers)

Step 1

Download and upload this desktop and mobile CSS starting template to your public facing servers.

Step 2

Get the URL of the uploaded CSS file (ex: "")

Step 3

Contact our support team.

Step 4

Our Customer Success representatives will reach out to you via the support case and will let you know once they have put the link to the CSS file into your career site's source.

Step 5

Your website developers will now be able to modify the CSS file to add all of the styles you would like included. These changes will be visible instantly.

Short Example of a Custom CSS File

The following example code would change the career site's background color to red, and the link color to white.

/* Short Example of a Custom CSS File*/

body { 

a { 
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